Convergent Learning provides a range of strategic and operational services for educational organizations and ed tech companies, including:


  • K-12 and Higher Ed adoption strategy

  • Implementation and onboarding

  • Market development and product positioning

  • Competitive analyses 

  • Content architecture, content management

  • Content acquisition and digital rights management (DRM)

  • Scalable product development process and workflow

  • Curriculum design and development in foreign-language learning, ELL, Bilingual (Spanish) and literacy

  • Writing, editing, native reading, proofreading

  • Pedagogical consulting and training on:

    • Foreign language and literacy best practices

    • Common Core standards and curriculum

    • Flipped classroom

    • Project-based learningCompetency-based learning 

  • Needs assessment and feature development

  • Product definition documentation

  • Instructional design

  • Content creation: writing, editing, proofreading

  • Iterative prototyping

  • Content acquisition research and negotiation

  • Translation services (Spanish)

Marketing Solutions
  • Market development strategy

  • Full-service development of:

    • Brochures, flyers, print collateral

    • Press releases

  • Writing services:

    • Website and blog copy

    • Social media 

Product Lifecycle Management
  • Content and product roadmap prioritization

  • Requirements, specs, and use case documentation

  • Program scope, budget and resource estimation

  • Internal and external stakeholder feedback analysis

  • Process optimization and implementation

  • Workflow, storage and delivery

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